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How do I get started?

Invisalign banner big smile and white teeth at Seaside Dental Care

One of our experienced dentists will work with you to customize your Invisalign program. Invisalign provides software with 3D Imaging Technology that lets you virtually preview how your own smile will adjust to Invisalign over the course of the treatment. This is a valuable incentive and shows you what you can expect before committing to Invisalign.

Call                              or email [email protected] us to schedule your complimentary Invisalign scan today.

How do I use Invisalign day to day?

You wear Invisalign 22 hours a day, including while you sleep. Invisalign treatments can be completed in as little as 3-6 months for many patients.

When you have Invisalign, you take off your aligners to eat and clean your teeth.

A visit with us should be planned every 4-6 weeks to review your progress and allow for modifications if necessary. At the end of your treatment, your fasteners will come off and your friends and family will only notice that your teeth seem healthier and that you seem more confident as a result.

One advantage to Invisalign is that you can remove your aligners for cleaning. Remember to floss and brush daily to avoid cavities and to keep your smile as white as it is straight.

Invisalign banner smile and white teeth

Is Invisalign Better than Traditional Braces?

When weighing the pros and cons of Invisalign, you will need to consult with our dental office to discuss what is best for YOU. That being said, Invisalign offers several advantages over traditional braces.

  • Invisalign is Invisible
  • Invisalign is Comfortable – While Invisalign can cause mild discomfort at first, most patients find it much more comfortable to wear than traditional braces, which can cause abrasions and sometimes make eating more painful.

  • You can Remove Invisalign – The fact that you can take off Invisalign for meals and dental care is another big reason patients choose it over traditional braces.

Can you switch to Invisalign from Traditional Braces?

Yes, you can switch to Invisalign from traditional braces, but before you make the decision, consult with your dentist to determine the best treatment plan for you. Since Invisalign is a separate treatment plan, the cost of switching treatments will be higher and depending on how long you’ve been wearing your braces, Invisalign may not be as efficient as continuing with your existing treatment plan.

Can Anyone Get Invisalign?

No matter your age, if your adult teeth are fully grown, Invisalign is an option. Whatever the barrier, Invisalign can help you straighten your teeth without the embarrassing visual of traditional braces.

Consider the average teenager navigating the hallways of high school or a career minded graduate looking to make their mark in a cut-throat market place. Traditional braces are distracting, uncomfortable and ultimately create a psychological barrier to success for many patients. You want your employer to see you the way you see yourself; confident and professional. You want your friends at school to look past your smile. Invisalign offers everyone the chance to live their lives fully, with no hassle, no embarrassment and free of the barriers of traditional braces.

Is Invisalign Right For You?

If you are seeking a way to correct crooked or misaligned teeth without the hassle or barriers of traditional braces, Invisalign is the ideal solution in many cases. Ask yourself if you would like to see yourself smile brighter, be more confident and improve your confidence without the need for wires. If you want to change the way you smile, contact us today.

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